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Top Social Media Tools for the Busy Event Marketer

A huge understatement: social media has entirely changed the world of event marketing.

If you’re an event marketer, you’re required to create a lively online presence for your event, keeping up with all of your social media accounts and ensuring they’re keeping your attendees engaged...

Thankfully, there are tools for managing social media accounts, boosting their effectiveness and, most importantly, keeping event marketers from going insane in the membrane. If you’re a busy event marketer (or just curious about the world of event marketing and social media), here are six categories of life saving social media tools:

  1. Manage social media: If you find yourself up to your knees in accounts from Twitter to Facebook to Pinterest (and more), there are a great deal of social media management tools that can integrate accounts into one place. The most popular, HootSuite, allows you to monitor several networks, post to each of them, and access built-in analytics. Other applications for social media management, with similar features: TweetDeck, and SocialFlow.

  2. Make it discoverable: Listing an event on your company’s website may work in the short term, but to make it easier for your event listing to stand out, (who, what, when, where, and ticket info), websites like Evvnt are majorly helpful. An alternative service, Plancast, provides event planners with a space to list their event. They have an awesome social feature that notifies subscribers when their friends plan to attend an event. Creating a Facebook event page is another great way to list your event - you can even promote your event using Facebook's Ad Create Tool.

  3. Interact with your potential attendees: While content marketing has done a great deal to stir new ideas into the mix, engaging an audience on social media often extends past blog posts and infographics. Consider directly interacting with your followers using tools like CrowdCampaign, TweetPoll, and PollDaddy. With these, you can get feedback from your attendees about what they want to see (before) and what they liked best (after).  When looking to engage attendees during the event, it’s worth investing in an event app with real-time polling features, Bizzabo offers live polling, plus a host of social media tools designed to create consistent attendee engagement.

  4. Set up a live stream: Live streams allow  you to maximize your audience beyond the room. UStream, a live broadcast application, allows you to stream live video of your event for free and can be embedded directly onto your website. You can also share video interviews with speakers or past attendees to increase the hype for your event. LiveU is an alternative service that allows live global video transmission - broadening the reach of your event.

  5. Get your hashtag under control: We have an extensive white paper on hashtags, but essentially, hashtags help compile posts and information relating to your event on every major social network. Choose a unique, short, memorable, and relevant hashtag and use it to build awareness and make your audience (and yourself) visible. Hashtags also create conversations before, during, and after events. Check out Backupify’s Session Tweets service that makes PDF's of all the tweets that use your event hashtag. Keyhole allows you to track any hashtag in real time, and can create reports on how identified influencers are interacting with your hashtag. Hashtracking offers in depth analysis on hashtag campaigns, similar to Keyhole. 

  6. Make it visible during the event: Hopefully, your attendees are having such a blast and are so thoroughly engaged during the event, they haven’t had the time to check their social media feeds. Display your social feeds through tools like our friends, Tint and TweetWally to remind your attendees to join the conversation on social media when they get the chance.

  7. Build a social media community early: Make your attendees event evangelists. By engaging attendees prior to your event, you give them time to advocate for it on social media. Create a custom hashtag to track what attendees are saying (see # 5). Build a community on Facebook, LinkedIn,  Google+, or Bizzabo to create a space for attendees to share their thoughts before and after your event.

We’re full of tips for event planners and marketers! If you’re hungry for more social media tips, check out our sweet guide to social.

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