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SnapChat For Events and Conferences

SnapChat is a unique social media tool that holds enormous potential for event organizers. With this nifty social media platform, users can send short posts, images, and videos to selected recipients.

Here’s the kicker: content can only be viewed once before it goes into a “self-destruct” mode and disappears forever. The platform has about 100 million daily active users, and about 18% of all people who use social media platforms, use SnapChat.

In a recent survey of event professionals, we learned that only 3% of organizers use Snapchat to market their events, making this tool an untapped social media goldmine. Here's what planners need to know:

SnapChat Background

SnapChat has been proven to be especially popular among Millennials (18-34 year olds as of 2015) and Generation Z (2-18 year olds as of 2015) and nearly three out of four users are female. With this in mind, the social media tool isn’t for everyone, but it's ideal for engaging this young demographic. 

User generated SnapChat

Above: An example of the type of image Snapchat users share with one another

Those who use SnapCatch are often heavy users, that's because the platform encourages habitual use, and content that is shared with users has a very high engagement rate, unlike other social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook where the amount of content within a feed often overwhelmes users.

Are Companies Really Using SnapChat?

While not as mainstream as Facebook, SnapChat has been used by companies and with impressive results.

The frozen yogurt company 16 Handles is one prime example. It held a promotional campaign titled “Snappy New Year” where customers were encouraged to take a selfie of themselves eating yogurt at any of the franchise’s locations. When the photos were submitted to 16 Handles’ SnapChat account, participants were awarded with a custom coupon.

Here’s where it gets creative: the coupons ranged from 10% to 100% off, and since the coupon self-destructs after 10 seconds, recipients couldn’t open it until they bought their next yogurt at a 16 Handles shop. The online coupon is then opened and presented at time of purchase where customers finally discover the value of their coupon.

Event planners are also getting involved with SnapChat. Condé Nast, announced in a press release that they plan on sharing videos from the many events they host each year with their SnapChat followers.

Condé Nast SnapChat

Above: A Snapchat promoting Condé Nast’s Teen Vogue party

In a Condé Nast press release, Digital Global Officer Fred Santarpia said, “This partnership gives viewers, for the first time, a unique insider’s perspective from exclusive Condé Nast events.”

This move highlights the fact that the biggest event organizers understand that SnapChat can be a valuable tool to generate buzz amoung younger demographics surrounding an event. The publisher's partnership marks the beginning of an industry wide trend that will arrise in the next few years.

SnapChat Basics Explained

The whole idea behind SnapChat is that the content shared on the platform has a short shelf life. Once it’s viewed, the shared content will automatically expire.

The person sharing a “snap,” which can be a video or photo gets to set how long the recipient will get to view the content, the duration can last between 1 - 10 seconds.

SnapChat Discover

Above: The SnapChat “Discover” screen where users can access content from publishers.

Additionally, SnapChat supports a messaging function, and also provides users with access to exclusive video content from major publishers like ESPN, CNN and the New York Times.

In app messaging

Above: An example of SnapChat’s messaging tool

SnapChat users also have the ability to use an internal messaging tool to chat with one another.

SnapChat Marketing Ideas for Event Planners

16 Handles andCondé Nast are great examples of how SnapChat can be utilized. Event organizers can also use SnapChat for event promotion. Social media contests are a great way of promoting an event by generating buzz. 

Snapchat Influencer

Above: An ad promoting Star Wars merchandise created by influencer, Meghan McCarthy

If you’re organizing an event aimed at capturing the attention of Millennials or Generation Z members, then using SnapChat for event promotion could prove to be fruitful. Consider sharing content that drives snap recipients to your event website by sharing an easy to remember URL inside the snap.

Alternatively, event organizers can collaborate with well know influencers to use SnapChat for event promotion by reaching a wider audience.

Relying on the expertise of these influencers means that event planners can collaborate with an expert to build a well thought out Snapchat for events campaign.

Delmondo has a marketplace of SnapChat influencers ideal for event organizers interested in working with a SnapChat expert.

Engage Event Attendees

SnapChat can also be used to better engage event attendees. You can ask attendees to share creative event related snaps with your SnapChat for events account, and then you can display these snaps on monitors placed throughout the event.

Alternatively, like 16 Handles, organizers can create a SnapChat contest, and give the person with the best snap a free ticket to next year’s event.

Build Post-Event Relationships

Sending a “Thank You” SnapChat after an event to all of your attendees is a great way to show gratitude while building a stronger relationship with young event attendees. The platform can also be used to share content related to the theme of your event with attendees even after the event has happened.

Lastly, SnapChat is a great way to reactive your relationships with younger generations when your next event rolls around by providing users with event related content.

Conclusion: SnapChat For Events And Conferences

Since SnapChat is incredibly popular among younger generations, SnapChat for events and conferences is an ideal medium for organizers to use to engage these young attendees.

From generating pre-event buzz by sharing captivating content, to keeping attendees involved during the event with a SnapChat campaign, the increasing popularity of the platform means that organizers would be remiss if they overlooked this social media tool. 

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