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3 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Increase Ticket Sales

Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter how amazingly engaging and informative an event is if people don’t show up. But you already knew that, so what’s an easy (and underutilized!) way to sell more tickets and get more attendees? LinkedIn. The professional network is an ideal place to spend time marketing your event, it offers a bustling community of 300 million users interested in growing their networks and professional capabilities.

Since the Bizzabo platform integrates with LinkedIn, we’re well-versed in LinkedIn best practices. Here, you’ll find our 3 keys to increasing ticket sales using LinkedIn.

1. Engage with LinkedIn Groups

Join Professional Groups:

Become a member of, or in some cases, ask permission to become a member of, professional groups that reflect the types of attendees you hope will attend your event.

Listen to what people are saying:

Before posting anything within the group, pay attention to what people are saying. Are members sharing helpful articles, or talking about how to land a promotion? These conversations will dictate what you discuss and what content the audience truly finds relevant and beneficial.

Share and create appropriate content:

After you get a feel for what people are discussing in the group(s), it’s time to get involved! Create content on your blog and share it within the group to drive highly qualified traffic to your event website. Directly promote your event within the group, and don’t forget to comment on other people’s posts to stay engaged.  Always aim at providing value - nobody likes a spambot.

2. Craft Compelling LinkedIn Ads

Create an Amazing Ad or Sponsored Update:

Designing an eye-catching ad is key to attracting qualified leads to your event website. Create a title that uses language that reflects to the way professionals write in the groups you’ve joined. Insert a colorful image to attract eyeballs. Write catchy copy that has a clear call to action (CTA).

Segment Your Ad Campaign:

You should aim to have fewer high quality clicks, rather than many low quality ones. After all, you’re going to be paying LinkedIn each time someone clicks on your ad. Use their segmenting tools to target the campaign by industry, job function, title, and geography.

Write Irresistible Event Updates:

Instead of, or in addition to advertising on LinkedIn, you can create what is essentally a blog post and have LinkedIn display the post to targeted users on their feed.

Since you’ve likely already written event updates for your event blog, why not re-use that content in the form of a Linkedin sponsored update? Make sure the update focuses on a single aspect of your event, highlight a rockstar speaker, fun things to do near the venue, or create a pre-event brief.

You’re paying good money to have the update promoted, so make sure to include a clear call to action telling readers to visit your event site, or to register to your event.

Market to the Right Users:

As with LinkedIn ads, make sure you’re using the segmenting tool to ensure your content is reaching the right audience. Remember that each piece of sponsored content could have a slightly different target audience. For example, you might want to target an update about fun things to do near the venue to people who are not from the area.

3. Publish on LinkedIn

Blog using LinkedIn’s Publishing Tool:

Did you know that you can create a long-form article directly within LinkedIn. Simply click within the text box labeled “share an update” and click the grey pencil in the lower right corner to access the blogging platform.

This is a great way to boost exposure and thus sell more tickets. Posts are visible to those you’re connected with, and even people you aren’t connect with can subscribe to get an update every time you publish new content!

Get on LinkedIn Pulse:

Pulse aggregates informative content for LinkedIn users by featuring articles from publishers and LinkedIn Influencers. If you have a blog for your event, which you should!, then you qualify as a publisher and can get that content published to Pulse. Make sure you have the InShare plugin installed on your blog, and have a LinkedIn company profile. You can email LinkedIn directly to discuss getting published to pulse at

If done well, marketing your event on LinkedIn will lead to increased ticket sales, as buzz builds around your event. Start engaging, advertising and publishing on LinkedIn, and you’ll be on your way to boosted ticket sales!

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