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How to Network Like an Animal

 Usually when people say to “let out your inner animal”, they’re talking about letting loose at a party and busting out some serious dance moves - not networking. However, we are firm believers that some animals can provide highly effective insights on how to make strong connections.

1. Use your body language intelligently, like a chimp - Other professionals in the room will be much more likely to want to talk to you if you give clear, friendly body language cues.  Eye contact is key for showing someone you’re giving them full attention while a warm smile may be all it takes to get a conversation going with someone lingering by the snack table.

2. Put your memory to use, like an elephant - It’s amazing the impression you can make by taking an extra step and remembering someone’s name and something about them.  When you first meet them, make sure to repeat their name in conversation, ensuring a stronger cognitive impression for yourself, and a sign to the other person that you’re invested in this interaction.

3. Show your enthusiasm, like a dog - Nobody wants to talk to a wet blanket.  Ever wonder why we like dogs so much? They show their genuine enthusiasm an\d make the other person feel like they care- don’t be afraid to show your excitement for the opportunity to meet new people and learn something new.

4. Prepare and be presentable, like a feline - Cats are fantastic when it comes to grooming themselves and having nicely coiffed coats of fur.  You don’t have to go over the top when dressing to network, but looking put together and professional will help you make a great first impression (and first impressions tend to stick).

5. Invest in your professional relationships long-term, like a swan - The relationships you form through networking become stronger by investing time and following up with your contacts.  Networking isn’t over once you leave the room - the true value is from cultivating these relationships over time.

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P.S - We were inspired by Kevin Daum’s post on Inc. Magazine - 7 Reasons to Network Like a Dog (all of them are true).