10 Event Apps Every Event Planner Needs

Posted by Stephanie Brenner

Dec 16, 2013 1:10:00 PM

Event planning can be stressful. While you're wading through endless checklists and last-minute mishaps, it can be hard to make sure you’re on track. Don’t worry, each event app on this list can seriously help you out! We’ve put together a list of 10 apps that every event planner needs to stay afloat.

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 1. Evernote - You have some cool ideas and a great team ready to get busy, but delegation   and execution can be tough. Think of this Evernote as your mobile filing event app; organize your venue research notes, coordinate travel itineraries, and quickly share notes with members of your team. Sync this app across multiple devices to ensure that no man (or file) is left behind. (click to tweet)


2. Boomset - This event app focuses on event registration. Easily check attendees in with their QR scanner. Event organizers can also use this event app to print badges, or create wristbands. It also has integrations with other event management platforms so that event registration is as painless for organizers as possible. (click to tweet)


3. Bizzabo - Event planning is like a juggling act, balancing multiple elements of a conference at once. Use the Bizzabo platform to manage all aspects of your event. From event registration software, to managing contacts, sending emails, creating an event website, and providing attendees with a great networking experience through our app and online. (click to tweet)


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4. Heytell - Communication with your team is key for running your event smoothly, so being in touch at all times is necessary.  Blend old school cool with new school tech with Heytell, an app that turns your smartphone into a walkie-talkie. When you need something even snappier than texting or email, get the app, choose a contact and start talking. Over! (click to tweet)


5. ScannerPro - Cut out the clutter and stop worrying about keeping track of receipts and papers when organizing your next event with an app like ScannerPro. This system allows you to scan documents with a snapshot, convert them to PDFs and email them right away. (click to tweet)

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6. Dropbox - You already have all your guest lists, photos, notes and other important documents synced across your devices. Now, you just need  a storage space to keep everything organized and accessible to your team. Store all your paperless goodies with Dropbox to access it from any device and even edit on the spot. (click to tweet)


7. Hootsuite - There is going to be tons of tweeting, posting, liking, and checking in during your event.  To easily manage all your social channels, use Hootsuite to create streams and stay up to speed with the buzz surrounding the event content. Schedule posts in advance to allow time to manage the other aspects of your event. (click to tweet)


8. 24me - Managing real life and conference life can be overwhelming. An app like 24me can help you manage your day-to-day responsibilities outside of the workplace with a smart calendar and automated to-do list. Reminders to pay your bills and wish your Aunt Martha a Happy Birthday can be real lifesavers, especially when you’re super stressed with an event around the corner. (click to tweet)


9. Asana - You can’t do it all alone, and having your A team to assist you is essential to running a flawless event. Easily assign tasks to your team members with Asana. Keep track of all the details and orchestrate teamwork directly from your phone while creating a good workflow among those assisting you. (click to tweet)



10.Super Planner - Nothing is worse than an overcrowded venue, a bar that goes dry after 20 minutes or exceeding a budget due to over staffing. Super Planner offers calculators for venue capacity, staffing, and catering to avoid these kinds of issues. Use this app to stay on budget and execute all the details to perfection. (click to tweet)

Mobile app technology can help you stay organized and minimize the stress involved when planning an event. This list of event industry apps are only a handful of the amazing resources out there, so take advantage of some of the these tools at your next conference! 

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